About Us
Living abroad and far from their families Karina y Andrea “co-founders” of Verona, wanted to give them a meaningful gift to express how much they love and miss them, and make them feel they are close even if they are far.
Andrea and Karina love roses, they are the symbol of love, and we live in the era of technology. These inspired them to connect nature and tech, creating and transforming the way we give gifts, developing the first luxurious wooden crafted box of preserved roses that last for years with a built-in HD screen that plays a personalized video with music.
Verona, Italy is the City of love from Romeo and Juliet's Shakespeare play. Their story has been from centuries and it will continue to last for years. Our brand is inspired with this eternal love, with a product that will last for many years and will create an everlasting memory in the heart of the people who experience Verona Roses.
Verona connects Nature and Tech leaving everlasting memories. The preserved roses that last years, its high definition personalized video and music, and the luxury wooden crafted box, is the perfect gift for a loved one.
- The love always find its way -